lo·cov·er·y [lo-kuhv-uh-ree]


  • local discovery
  • to harness the essence of local

Locovery is your new destination for discovering the power of local!

Simply put, Locovery is the source for real time interaction within local communities around you. We provide you with the ability to receive up to date information from local businesses, events, communities, and people!

Locovery is designed to give you a destination to interact with local businesses and people who share the same local interests as you without cluttering up your social networks.

Let’s face it, most of your social networks are really for friends, family, and people you actually want to interact with regularly. You know, the people you don’t mind posting on your wall, sending you messages, and filling up your timeline and news feed. No one really wants to see local businesses fighting for their attention on their social networks by drowning out updates and statuses from people they actually want to hear from.

There’s a time and a place for local business to consumer interaction; the time is now and the place is Locovery!

As you experience the community around you, share it with others through Locovery and everyone will benefit. Locovery is what YOU make it so interact with us as we work together to empower local communities!

We’re adding new cities and towns regularly so contact us if you don’t see your local area on Locovery.