User Questions

Is the Locovery mobile app free to users?

Yes! Anyone in the world with a compatible iOS or Android device can download the Locovery mobile app for free


Is it free to list a business or event on

Yes! Anyone can add an event or business listing conveniently on All you need to do is create a free profile.


How does the Coupon Tab work in the mobile app?

The Coupon tab has a search option at the top right corner marked with the magnifying glass icon to enable you to search for any business offering a coupon on Locovery. You can also decide if you would like to see the full list of coupons in Map view or List view with a tab system to go back and forth from each view. At the bottom you will see 3 categories that the coupons are broken into; Eat, Play, Live. The Eat category is for all food related coupons including restaurants. The Play category is for all the entertainment related coupons including fun activities. The Live category is for all everyday lifestyle related coupons including hotels. Once you click on the business coupon you are looking for you will see a visual of the coupon, the ability to leave a comment about the coupon and the business offering the coupon, an option to call the business directly, an option to get directions directly to the business, an option to email the business directly, and an option to visit the business’ website. You can also share the coupon by clicking the icon at the top right.


How does the Rewards tab work in the mobile app?

Once you click on the business you are at, simply click on the “Stamp Card” button and hand your device to the business representative. They will enter in their business code to validate the stamp and you’re all set. Once you have stamped your card the specified amount of times needed to earn the reward your card will display the reward needed to redeem which you will show to the business representative the next time visit them. You can also share the reward by clicking the icon at the top right.


How does the Deals tab work in the mobile app?

The business listings in the Deals tab are organized by which business is closest to your location based on proximity. You will see the amount of miles each listing is from your location along with the number of times you have checked in to each business. A check in is simply a roll call to establish your previous visit at that particular business. The businesses in the Deals tab have set deals for their customers who visit them the most. To check in simply click on the listing you are at and click on the “Check In” button. You will only be able to check in to businesses that you are standing in so make sure you’re inside! Each listings page will keep track of your activity with them which will be visible under the check in area. You can also share the deal offered by the business by clicking the icon at the top right.


How does the Messages tab work in the mobile app?

Locovery will send you notifications related to businesses and events in your area and general app updates and information. These notifications are stored in the Messages tab for your future reference. You can easily delete the notifications you no longer want to keep by clicking on the trash icon under the message. You can also share any message by clicking on the share icon under the message. The notifications are stored based on what type of notification it is which can be a full list of all notifications, website link notifications, tab notifications, or offer notifications.


How does the Chat tab work in the mobile app?

Users (both consumers and business owners) and communicate with each other without giving up their privacy by messaging directly through Locovery in the Chat tab. The chats are organized by either most recent chats or chats sent from users closest to you based on proximity. Users can start new chats or reply to existing chats without sharing any personal information. You can start a new chat by clicking on the chat icon in the upper right corner and log in to facebook or twitter. You can upload images which are stored in the gallery tab at the bottom right.


Business Questions

When I add my listing or event info on the website how do I set my longitude and latitude for my address?

Once you you add your address click on the “Set address on map” button and the longitude and latitude fields will auto populate.


Can I upload my own logos for my listing in the Locovery app?

Yes you can customize your listing pages on the Coupon tab, Deals tab, and Rewards tab. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at


Can I cusotmize my listing page on

Yes you can upload your own images, videos, audio, or textual info on your listing page. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email us at


Can I manage my own listing page on

Yes you can. At the top of your listing in the right column click on the link entitled “Own this business?” and fill out the form and we will contact you with the steps to claim your listing on


How do I sign up for Locovery’s digital advertising?

If you’re computer savvy you can easily sign up for our digital advertising services by choosing one of the packages listed under Places or Events in the menu bar above. Here are the directly links as well:


Can I pay for my advertising monthly or do I have to pay in large payment cycles?

Yes we only process payment every month based on the date you sign up. The payments are automatically processed through the credit card you initially sign up with.


Can I cancel my advertising package at anytime?

Yes you can cancel although we really hope you don’t! Since you prepay for advertising for a full month if you cancel within a month you will still be charged for that full month worth of advertising. The next month you will be removed from the website and mobile app. However, we ask that remain within the package for a 3 month minimum to give us the proper time frame to prove our platform to you


How often can I change the graphics on and in the Locovery app?

You can change the graphics to your listing and campaign monthly. Your initial artwork for your campaign comes included without any additional cost. You also get up to 3 additional changes to your artwork designed by Locovery each 12 months free of charge. Any additional artwork changes provided by Locovery will be a flat rate per design change. However, if you have your own custom artwork you can send that over to us monthly free of charge for the duration of your campaign.


How do I pay for one of Locovery’s digital advertising packages?

We process all major credit cards securely, easily, and conveniently directly on our website here for Places or here for Events depending on what type of advertising you would like to do. If you have any trouble processing your payment or if you need assistance please email us at or call our sales department at (843) 212-6712. Our sales representatives can also process your credit card payment securely over the phone using Square.


I received a call from a salesperson claiming to be affiliated with Locovery, is it safe to sign up through them?

All of our sales representatives call from (843) 212-6712 and can be reached at If you have any questions regarding someone who contacted you please feel free to email us at either or


Locovery is new in my city so how can I be sure users will download the app so that my listing will be seen?

Everything starts somewhere and yes as we expand we will be new in certain cities around the world for a time being. However we have a very innovative launch process that involves working directly with several small and large businesses in your area that share the same customer base and customer demographic as your business which will make gaining users for Locovery and pairing your business with the community around you much easier than you would think! We’d love to explain to you in greater detail. Give us a call at (843) 212-6712 or email us at for more details.