BBIF is a lender that provides direct loans, loan guarantees, investments, financial technical assistance and education, and a variety of business development activities to black and minority owned businesses in the state of Florida. Its primary target customers are Black businesses. Loans are provided through four distinct loan pools: the Black Business Loan Fund (BBLF), the Contract Financing Loan Fund (CFLF), the Small Business Loan Fund (SBLF) and the Micro Loan Fund (MLF).

Business building/development activities that focus on training, education, and business building relationships are delivered in the following ways:
(a) Financial technical assistance (one-on-one consultations)
(b) Monthly business owner roundtables
(c) GAP assessment Strategic Plans
(d) Business Networking events with partners for contracting opportunities
(e) Community Outreach/Participation in business forums and tradeshows


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