Venues and Vendors Express

Submitted by locovery on 14 July 2020

We are a Venue and Vendor finding company. Our goal is to find the perfect Venue, Vendors, and/or Performers for your event based on your specific preferences in 24 hours or less! Whether you’re only looking for a caterer that makes soul food, a smaller venue for a kids party, or a great DJ within your budget, we will find the perfect match for you.


Submitted by locovery on 22 June 2020

We at BCMG want to give our clients in the music, fashion, beauty, sports, and entertainment industries, a personalized brand experience through media and communications. Here at BCMG we offer...
Resume Services

Press Releases

Birthday/Wedding Invitation Design

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Correspondances

Event Media Coverage

Media Training

Project Management


Artist Insight Management

Photography & Videography Services