Achieve Coaching and Consulting

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

As an experienced coach, I can assist you with a) shaping career, personal, or business goals and b) planning/taking the steps required to achieve them.

Generally, my role is to help clarify vision, identify specific goals and objectives, and develop an achievable action plan. After the plan is underway, I continue to provide ongoing support to maintain momentum.

Please contact me for a free consultation. We can connect via phone or video call. I'm located in Allentown, PA if meeting in person is preferred.

Powering Up Coaching

Submitted by locovery on 2 July 2020

As your Life Coach, I am responsible for guiding you through confusing or unclear times in your life. Supportingly, we will work together with your goal-setting, personal growth, hopes and dreams. This professional guidance will help you achieve your goals by improving different actions necessary to take control of your future plans.
As your Life Coach, these are My Goals:
• Evaluating the outcome of the tasks.
• Setting objectives.
• Providing structured questions.
• Planning future tasks.
• Making you aware of your progress.

Purposely BE, LLC

Submitted by locovery on 2 July 2020

Life is about transitions and adjustments. Purposely BE, LLC (PBllc) focuses on getting women over the humps in life. Are your experiencing conflict in the workplace, grief, struggling through a break-up or divorce, and/or other life stressors holding you back? You are not alone. PBllc can get you over the hump. PBllc provides a range of services from coaching (life, career, and relationship), consulting, training, and counseling-under the supervision of a licensed professional.