Truce Hemp Co.

Submitted by locovery on 26 June 2020

We took our love of plant based health management and commitment to finding a way to serve communities affected by the war on drugs, to create the alliance known as Truce Hemp Co. By supporting regenerative and organic hemp farmers in North Carolina, we create beneficial hemp-derived CBD products that deliver quality and celebrates bold simplicity while bringing more peace love and awareness to the powers of plant medicine.

COI Herbal Solutions

Submitted by locovery on 26 June 2020

COI Herbal Solutions was created for those who need a partner they can trust! We are proponents of science and the proven regulatory properties of cannabinoids within the human body. We lead by educating consumers on the many beneficial properties of CBD as an alternative to conventional medicine, and as a method to relax and destress.

Binky's CBD Warrior

Submitted by locovery on 16 June 2020

WaKanna offers both organically grown full-spectrum as well as broad spectrum CBD rich oil. To ensure we have the most potent & pure CBD oil available, we work with both Global and USA farms. Our oils are extracted from a farm in Northern Europe in addition to farms in both Kentucky and Colorado. We have seven proprietary blends that you will not find anywhere else on the market. We also offer a POWERFUL CBD Oil and Water-soluble formula. Our oil extracted in Europe is made with a special nano technology that helps to provide up to 98.7% bioavailability.