RSWG Consulting, LLC

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Achieve Coaching and Consulting

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

As an experienced coach, I can assist you with a) shaping career, personal, or business goals and b) planning/taking the steps required to achieve them.

Generally, my role is to help clarify vision, identify specific goals and objectives, and develop an achievable action plan. After the plan is underway, I continue to provide ongoing support to maintain momentum.

Please contact me for a free consultation. We can connect via phone or video call. I'm located in Allentown, PA if meeting in person is preferred.

Peace of Mind Media Group

2050 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu 96817, Hawaii, United States

Dawn Grace-Jones, Esq RN

Submitted by locovery on 6 July 2020

As a lawyer and nurse with over 20 years of experience, I understand the desire to effectively utilize the electronic health record and deliver the kind of quality care patients deserve.

I teach nurses and other medical professionals how to effectively implement and utilize EHR systems to reduce legal liabilities and avoid litigation through speaking, writing, and consulting.

Submitted by locovery on 6 July 2020 provides professional accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services by CPAs. Bookkeeper Level services are great for the sole proprietor, micro-businesses, and small businesses who desire an experienced Bookkeeper's services at a reasonable and predictable price point. The Accountant Level service is a great value and fit for more robust organizations who require Senior Accountant or CPA level services.