Ajayi Realty Group

Submitted by locovery on 12 July 2020

Kemi Ajayi is an experienced and versatile real estate professional serving both buyers and sellers for over 13 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. She is passionate about helping her clients to make the right move on their home buying or selling decisions. She is empathetic, has great communication skills and will always put your needs first and foremost. She makes the transaction process simple and easy because she is able to find solutions to challenges that you may face.

Jacqueline West, Realtor

18383 Preston Road, Dallas 75252, Texas, Collin County, United States

Montgomery Law

2777 North Stemmons freeway #1525, Dallas 75207, Texas, Dallas County, United States
(214) 720-6090

Real Estate by Glena Through EXP Realty

15950 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Dallas 75248, Texas, TX, United States

Professional Career Development Services

Submitted by locovery on 27 June 2020

Professional Career Development Services (PCDS) helps with job preparation, career readiness, and skill development. In 2018, we revamped and relaunched PCDS to fit needs of the Dallas County area to service teenagers and adults. Our Founder/Executive Director's passion is helping people overcome barriers to equip with knowledge, educate with understanding, teach life skills, encourage as well as motivate to empower people to have a better perspective on life circumstances. We have developed five programs to fulfill the needs of our clients.


Submitted by locovery on 21 June 2020

Ready Aim Darts is a small family owned and ran business in the Dallas,TX area working to help you get out and get active in the most fun and enjoyable way. You can count on a large and ever growing inventory of Nerf blasters from many of the Nerf lines such as Rival, Vortex, Elite, Mega and the girl specific line, Rebelle. We also have accessories to help the war and battler out like barriers, capture the flag beacons, vests, safety glasses, and dart storage bags. We guarantee to help you create a perfect Nerf War fit for your family.