Sahara Lux

Submitted by locovery on 29 June 2020

Sahara Lux is online boutique that focuses on providing handmade jewelry and jewelry making supplies to women & designers in the United States. We also offer handmade designer clothing and fashion accessories primarily designed and produced by consignment designers. Sahara Lux is individually owned and operated by Alyssa Williams in the Greater Atlanta Area of Georgia. Sahara Lux is inspired by the Sahara Desert which is known for its shifting sands and untapped & unique natural beauty.

The Boutique Experience

12820 Haverford Rd, Jacksonville 32218, Florida, United States

Bandage Dress Outlet, LLC

9903 EAST VERONA CIR 1234 Rainbow Drive, VERO BEACH 32963, Florida, United States

Divanista LLC

1234 Rainbow Drive, VERO BEACH 32966, Florida, United States

CRD Events LLC

Submitted by locovery on 20 June 2020

CRD Events is a purpose driven company that was founded by Cynthia Rochelle Glover in Dallas, Texas. Her career spans over 20 years in the floral industry, working within retail, wedding, and event production entities. She has lived and worked in Northern California, Chicago, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth, and has called Dallas home since 2004. It is here that she groomed her skills in high end special events and the mass market retail industry, focusing on running large teams. Her passion and innovation and love of meticulous planning are gifts from God.