Rise Training Academy

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Fierce & Fearless

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

We’re a Health, Fitness & Safety Company. Our mission is to help women of ALL ages & fitness levels to get in the best shape of their lives.

Our programs burn fat, sculpt & tone your body, increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and coordination all while teaching you basic self protection principles.

We take the Mr. Miyagi approach similar to “paint the fence” and “wax the car” you’re learning effective self protection without the intimidating instructors and dummies.


Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

Welcome to BodiedbyScorp. We are a fitness company focused on helping people learn healthy eating habits, improve their strength, lose weight and most importantly, sustain a healthy lifestyle. BodiedbyScorp programs are affordable, customizable, convenient and sustainable. After completing the 90-days you get all the tools to help you maintain your new lifestyle. Our customizable programs are catered to your schedule and lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about fitting in a workout or meal prep; we figure it out for you.

Total Resistance

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

The Total Resistance is a one size fits all safe harness or vest that helps you lose weight, gain muscle, get in shape and rehabilitate. Once you make your purchase you will receive workout video's, a meal guide and monthly tips to help guide you through your fitness journey. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @thetotalresistace