Stef Amari

Submitted by locovery on 30 June 2020

Tired of searching endlessly for unique high-quality items? Well, welcome to Stef Amari, where you’ll find a varying selection of goods, only a few clicks away. Stef Amari was founded by Melanie Leaks, a fashion devotee, who is determined to deliver style to shoppers worldwide. Each piece is made with love and thoughtfulness. These pieces are made with limited quantities to allow you to express your individuality and to take it back to the days before “fast fashion” culture took over. Stef Amari products are handmade, by Melanie, in the USA.

Dawning Day Creations

Submitted by locovery on 17 June 2020

Dawning Day Creations offers the Community "Handmade Expressions of Love" with a fun array of unique, fashionable, and versatile products including baby booties, bibs and women’s accessories.

Our #1 selling line of handmade, reversible baby booties and bibs keep baby warm and in high fashion. An instant family heirloom, the stylish sets expose babies to African culture through the beauty and texture of rich, vibrant fabrics that add a touch of graceful elegance to any ensemble.