Training by Nelle LLC

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

Training by Nelle L.L.C. provides full-scale assessment, design, implementation, facilitation, and strategy services to provide a comprehensive training and management solution for your organizational needs. We focus on using a combination of emerging technologies and rapid development methodologies to deliver high-impact custom training and workplace solutions.

Moore To It Consulting Firm

Submitted by locovery on 17 July 2020

We are an integrative service partner for startup to mature organizations in highly diverse industries. Not all companies need a full-time executive level HR Professional or may have a HR team in need of a helping hand. Moore To It Consulting Firm's main function is to help companies get compliant, minimize employment risk and develop leadership.

Jadestone Solutions

Submitted by locovery on 6 July 2020

Denecia Jones founded Jadestone Solutions to provide organizations with innovative tools to improve employee performance, increase company revenue, and lower healthcare and workers compensation costs. For more than two decades, Jadestone Solutions has optimized the success and sustainability of countless companies and government offices by changing the way they think about their work environments and tackle day-to-day challenges.

Lunaria Solutions

Submitted by locovery on 22 June 2020

Our goal is to make Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) accessible to help elevate companies, brands and people.

How we help businesses:
- Our Diversity Equity and Belonging (DEI) experts are in your corner to support your every need. We complete a DEI evaluation to create a strategy that aligns with your HR and company goals.
- We match you with 1-5 min education units to build employee capacity and 1-5min employee surveys to track progress.