Cornucopia Emporium

Submitted by locovery on 30 June 2020

Cornucopia Emporium offers exclusive handmade products for both men and women.
Sourced from natural materials and ingredients beneficial for mind, body and soul.
Our hand poured luxury scented candles are made in Devon, UK from 100% Eco Soy Wax, Natural Cotton Pro Wicks and come in fully reusable, high quality, unbranded glass vessels, promoting wellbeing and conscious consumerism.
Our luxury candles help boost energy levels and leave you feeling relaxed... Relax with Wax!

Saint Ola

Submitted by locovery on 30 June 2020

Saint Ola is an inclusive ready-to-wear and bridal fashion label based in New York City. Saint Ola designs balances Afrocentric and contemporary aesthetics with use of geometry and couture details.

Shop original designs of jumpsuits, blazers, dresses, skirts, and face masks at

We love art and open to collaborate with artists on meaningful projects. 

Oluwa & Celestin

Submitted by locovery on 29 June 2020

Oluwa & Celestin is a luxury eCommerce site carrying designer brands of the Diaspora. The purpose of the store is to create a platform for luxury brands created and co-designed by Pan-African artists and designers. The goal is to create a thriving retail store that celebrates diversity and highlights the craftsmanship of skilled designers within the luxury retail industry.

The Folklore

Submitted by locovery on 28 June 2020

The Folklore is a New York City-based multi-brand online concept store and wholesale showroom that allows U.S. based and international customers to easily shop exclusive styles from Africa and the diaspora's top luxury and emerging fashion brands. Shop clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, bags, hats, and homewares from top contemporary fashion brands exclusively on our website.

jbi american black jewelers association

Submitted by locovery on 26 June 2020

In my journeys I’ve gotten tutelage from none to few black modern digital age designers. I've found some help and or guides in older media but nothing very relevant or recent. No matter what you look like: To all that have freely given to this my knowledge, this service, and to your fellow artisans and man… I thank you!Mind you I've only been at it for seven months so my designs and finished work ar rough. I’m founding JBI American Black Jeweler Association. It branches from my other business ventures and personal endeavors.