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Submitted by locovery on 28 June 2020

CCFW INC is an 501c 3 Entertainment Production Company that Produces, Produces and Presents Emerging High Fashion Designers, Vendors and other talent in the Metropolitan Chicago area and communities to high caliber clientele and buyers and assists with exposure to those who pursue Fashion Design, Fashion Photography, Modeling etc. CCFW Inc provides inclusion opportunities, networking and programs that bring the fashion community together under one event. Most events Civic and Cause-related.

CW Music Player – Unlimited Music Streaming App

Submitted by locovery on 28 June 2020

As a recording artist, I felt compelled to have a music app of my own. By the grace of God, I was able to do so. I got so tired of always having to go through the gatekeepers that we call streaming services just to get my music heard, playing by their rules like every other artist is expected to do. We are not a monolith. Some of us aren't just artists. I believe a number of us are innovators and entrepreneurs as well, if not the vast majority. It's time to put the power back into the hands of the artist. Especially now more than ever in these perilous times for us all.