Domain Cymbals

Submitted by locovery on 10 July 2020

Domain Cymbals was established with industry innovation in mind. We set our focus on ensuring that our brand is supreme in craftsmanship, durability, playability and affordability. We offer a full line of professional-grade cymbals for drummers of all facets. Our family-oriented customer service is the foundation of our company which enables us to build success one customer at a time. We look forward to working with you, our VIPs.

Alexis Joi Music

Submitted by locovery on 27 June 2020

Alexis Joi Ham (August 7, 1985), known professionally as Alexis Joi, is an American singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. Although considered primarily a performer of jazz, traditional gospel, and contemporary Christian music, Joi avoids conforming to a single musical genre, preferring instead to be recognized as possessing vocal prowess, timeless musicianship, and an uplifting message for the masses.

78 Records Music Store & More

Submitted by locovery on 27 June 2020

Dedicated to keeping music, art, and creativity alive and well for creative people of all talent levels. We are musicians, music publishers, and a music store providing quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories in the USA. We serve all talent levels. From your very first time, holding an instrument, to when you need high quality professional instruments, we have what you need, or we have access to getting it. If you don’t see it on our website, send us an email or call Michael; he will find it for you. 615-481-5110