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Coach Niquenya is a Master Business Coach and Life Skills Strategist with over 20 years' experience partnering with small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and career transitioners. Her mission is to transform dreamers into successful entrepreneurs and leaders into effective agents of change. She specifically seeks out individuals with a bigger-than-life vision who want to stop wasting time, monetize their talents, and finally generate the income their brilliant ideas truly deserve. As a result of partnering with Coach Niquenya, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs get connected to your passion, purpose, people, and processes to propel you to profit faster than you ever could on your own.

Services include coaching, consulting, and training in a variety of personal and professional development topics geared to take your business and/or career to the next level. Areas of expertise include strategic business planning and design, website development, content development, copywriting, sales and marketing, capital fund development, nonprofit management, and much more. Partner with Coach Niquenya to the fastest route to profit and achieve success as you define it.

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