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Middleton Elite Travel & Services, LLC is an independently owned agency located in South Carolina. Owner, Tekia Middleton, specialize in leisure travel and notary services. She has over 20 years of travel and customer service experience. Tekia also, has 6 years of experience as a notary. She became Notary Public of South Carolina in 2013 and has since performed several notary services throughout the state of South Carolina. She is certified in both professions with several destinations certifications. Tekia is a graduate of Ashworth College and The Travel Institute. She is notably experienced, motivated, and eager to exceed all of your desires!

There are countless reasons to book a travel package with a travel agent, but we want to provide you with an unforgettable experience, fulfill your dreams, and become lifetime clients of our agency. We have a passion for traveling and exploring new cultures. This passion comes through in our topnotch service that we expect when we, ourselves, travel. When someone has an amazing vacation adventure, they will tell everybody, and that is what makes our profession exceedingly gratifying. We absolutely love making dreams come true.

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