Submitted by locovery on 27 June 2020

The Transportation Initiative – “We mentore Entrepreneurs in the transportation service arena . We are the Community Transportation Solution Specialists. We provide limo style transportation at a fraction of the price.

1, You will know your driver(s) before they transport you.
2, Most females and girls will get designated female drivers if they choose
3, Pre-book your trip - a designated driver will get you there and home safely
4, Too busy - We provide courier service for shopping and dry-cleaning pickup. etc.
5, We transport children to School and After school activities.
6, Frequent travelers love us and book their trips well in advance.
7, We take members to medical appointments, bingo, shopping and excursions.
9, We Keep our communities safe by offering 24 hour service.
10, Join and we will make sure you get where you are going in a time of need.

We are community based. We don't have passengers we have members and our members have benefits!
Call us today 617-202-9035 and start enjoying our Community Based Transportation Service.
Visit our website for more info about our services!

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(617) 202-9035
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Norton Massachusetts United States
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