Submitted by locovery on 1 July 2020

We pride ourselves on being able to offer great quality food at prices which are both reasonable and affordable for individuals. We offer a couple of different discounts as well for those who consistently utilize our service on a weekly or monthly basis; for those individuals who refer individuals who utilize our services; and we have a monthly drawing for wedding parties to have their event catered by our company for "free" (wedding party supplies the food; we provide the delivery and set up buffet-style). These are simply some of the catering services that we offer: Wedding; Funeral; Baby Showers; Waiting to Exhale parties; Engagement parties; Bar/Bat Mitzva's; Brunch/Breakfast/Taco/Baked Potato Bar; In-Home Catering (at your place of residence); Birthdays (Children's parties as well); Diet-based catering (Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, Diabetic, LCHF, Gluten-Free, etc); Weekly meal prep for one or all meals for your day. Our customer base comes from all walks of life in all areas from secular to religious. Our goal is to be able to offer good food for the soul to nourish you and your guests while you enjoy your life moments. We do NOT discriminate anyone's lifestyle's!

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