Submitted by locovery on 5 July 2020

We represent a large group of Banks ,Insurance Companies and Financial Services Firms who are focused on serving the Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners nationwide.

We are funding a network of Black Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who demand the truth and transparency in regards to payment processing pricing and profits.

We are leveraging the $4 Trillion in cash flowing through the Merchant Services Industry to provide Residual Revenue and Income for our Merchant Referral Partners.

Would you be willing to learn how you can help me share with Black Business Owners, who process credit/debit cards, how to earn $1000's in monthly cash flow BONUSES from my nationwide AMEX, ApplePay and SamsungPay advertising promotion?

You would earn $100-$200 per Business Owner who wanted to participate in the promotion. Let me know if you would love to help!!

Thanks in advance

Steven Simmons
National Agency Manager
Virtual Financial Group

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