FamilyFishers™ is an online retail sporting goods store located in Hot Springs, AR owned, operated, and bootstrapped by Paul and Chrystalyn Hollis. The purpose of this Partnership LLC is to supply customers and distributors with our one of a kind hand-made fish bait while promoting the family oriented recreational outdoor activity of fishing. FamilyFishers™ was founded in January of 2017 has social network sites like,, and, and Modern shopping has mutated into an online phenomenon with malls and stores alike shutting their doors or merging with their online inventory and we hope to make our mark as one of the first black owned online retail sporting goods stores for fishing, camping, and related outdoor recreational merchandise. Our short term goal for 2018 is to secure enough financing ($30,000-50,000) for inventory and operating costs while our long term goal is to achieve 1 million dollars within 5 years, as the recreational fishing industry generates a whopping 45 million anglers annually, which converts to about 16 billion dollars or more a year in sales.


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