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Mississippi Youth Community Gardens

Submitted by locovery on 8 July 2020

Mississippi Youth Community Gardens is a Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in Good Standing, that promotes Healthy Eating and Sustainable Farming Programs within the Greater Mississippi Delta. Although we are open to all, The Mississippi Youth Community Gardens, also known as 'My-Crop' primarily serves a l ow income, rural African American community. We are looking to expand our program offerings to include job training, coding and technology programs and Spanish language courses.

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AH Lip & Body Butter

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Scented Kindly

Submitted by locovery on 3 July 2020

Scented Kindly is known for making amazing Shimmer Soy Candles. All candles have amazing shimmer inside! Put a fire to the candle and you will instantly see the shimmer flowing throughout the candle. Each candle and candle melt is made from the best soy wax and the best essential oils. Scented Kindly products will have your home feeling comfortable, relaxed, or even might feel like a party due to the amazing fragrances! The wonderful aroma from each product will have you smiling and thinking of great memories! All products are hand poured and made with love in Southern California.

Lonez Scents

Submitted by locovery on 3 July 2020

There is a huge need for more awareness and understanding around issues faced by communities of color. We wanted to find a way to encourage the benefits of aromatherapy while allowing people to have a conversation piece so that people can exchange dialogue or educate others about the things happening in our communities.

Elements of Healing, LLC

Submitted by locovery on 2 July 2020

Elements of Healing, LLC is an herbal remedy company where products are made by hand with undivided attention and love. The products can be used to keep hands moisturized due to excessive handwashing, for issues such as neuropathy, headaches/migraines, eczema/psoriasis, sore nipples, breasts, and areolas due to breastfeeding and more.....