NecKnots by LS

Submitted by locovery on 30 June 2020

Each Nec.Knot merchandise is hand made from start to finish. Yes, that’s right, production for Nec.Knot starts with trips to her favorite fabric stores. After time spent cutting, pinning, sewing, she’s able to provide one merchandise after another. Because each item is handmade, there are limited quantities of each color and style. Also, there may be very minor variations between each item, even those in the same collection. Nec.Knot is committed to her customers. Should you have any issues with your purchase, please review the Return Policy.

Fe-male Fashions

2849 N 22nd St, Philadelphia 19132, Pennsylvania, United States

Youth Technology Learning Center

Submitted by locovery on 21 June 2020

10+ Years of Service
Youth Technology Learning Center, (YTLC) is a pioneer after-school enrichment center that has been a trailblazer for STEM/STEAM 
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education for the past decade. YTLC was on the cutting-edge empowering students with STEM before it even had the aforementioned name. Youth Technology Learning Center empowers students to soar to new heights to be more competitive in a technology driven world. All Youth Technology Learning Center programs lead to a lucrative professional career!


Submitted by locovery on 21 June 2020

Home2Skool is here to be with you every step of the way as your child or loved one grows. Our team is comprised of parents and caregivers like yourself who understand the importance of having the right balance of education and play. Your little explorer is full of curiosity and adventure. Our products are designed to support their passion and promote development the fun way.